the sons of columbus.

It’s the thought that certain structures have existed to not only keep me in a state of perpetual socio-cultural dissociation, but to also keep me stranger to the truthful histories and objective narratives of my ancestors, and community; stripped of my god. Forced to adopt a bastardized faith that, by design, condemned me to hell, both on this plane, and already sealed my fate in the next life, and in the spiritual afterlife, because not only is my body a product of “sin”, but my manner of sexual identity, and the methodology in which I express my affections and adorations for human life emotionally, physically, and sexually, are abhorrent in the eyes of the god that has been so graciously extended to me via/by/on the behest of the white man; we’ve always been drowning.


That the world renowned american public education system would do something so dastardly as to deliberately indoctrinate me with wicked narratives of a world centered on placing evil white men on pedestals erected on the graves of innumerable generations of indigenous and African men and women, accompanied with the perverted description of being champions of mankind:

Blessed be the humanity and graciousness of Cristobal Colon.

The Genoese born son of a Catalan shoemaker of alleged Jewish ancestry, and the heiress of a defunct Portuguese line of nobility; how else could a charlatan mercenary with no political ties but to his own adventure, and posterity, illicit the funds from one of the most lucrative monarchies in all of Europe to undertake such a bold enterprise, if there wasn’t a direct avenue of privilege to aid him in his appeal? Why wouldn’t they; which, after chartering the ships for Colom, and following the previous conquest of the Canary Islands, the Spanish and Portuguese crowns had already excelled at solidifying its social experiment program — La Reconquista Beta, after the siege of the Canary Islands in 1466, and decimation (or perhaps assimilation) of the native Guanches, a mysterious class of people that confused the Spanish, born of pale skin, the Guanche displayed copper skin, bright blue and green eyes, and blonde hair - virtually perplexing the standard to which the European had become accustomed to having interacting with various tribes who arrived from the Middle East in the mid-700s AD — extended the blessed word of god by blood and sword to the innocents that lay in lands yet to be explored by these men; 

Within five months of having granted the charlatan permission and his arrival in what he “mistook” for and misidentified as the Indies, still, in his ignorance - or perhaps, complete and total awareness of his location, having been divinely favored by the African intelligence in Al-Andalus before embarking on his journey, he had preemptive knowledge of a landmass just beyond the horizon on the Atlantic ocean that was NOT India, but in fact a place recognized and already explored and acknowledged by a West African king and his people’s just short of 200 years before the fall of Granada. 

He knowingly landed off the coast of the landmass later named America and is proven in his detailed journals, and those of the many priests including the famed Saint Bartolome de la Casas - who in his greatest act of charity and protest against the institution of slavery, pleaded with the crown to substitute the African, in lieu of, and to spare the lives of, the Indio - that the African had in fact visited the Americas, and that the Indio referred to them as people that came from the ocean. In spite of the oral testimony, the conquistadors that later visited sections of present-day Panama, Colombia, and Nicaragua also sighted Africans living amongst the indigenous groups. Validating the previous narratives of natives in the Greater Antilles (the former Taíno islands of Cuba, Xamayca, Boriken, Haïti, Bieke, Jutia, Amona, Guaney, Guanabo, Ciquey, Siqueo, Anigua, and Adamaney). 

Mistakingly, Pan-Africanism would abuse such a testimony and use the existence of the Olmec - Ivan Van Sertima - as proof that indigenous groups of the Americas are in fact, African, when in actuality Pan-Africans are rebuking that narrative that the African not only had the technological, economical, and sociological advantages to travel across the Atlantic ocean centuries before the common European, but had also established common trade and assimilated, if not completely integrated, with indigenous societies by nearly two centuries; their multitude of engagement and exchange evident by the highly celebrated “African Phenotypic” busts of Olmec heads - perhaps the case is that the Olmec are the first Pan-Africanist society of the New World. 

Columbus would cost Spain it’s biggest financial enterprise when caught in scandal playing as representative not only for Spain, but Portugal as well, in a landslide real estate blunder, using a map produced by an African that displayed borderlines of the American coast that were unknown to all Europeans at the time - with the exception of Columbus - a demarcation line was drawn, divvying up the landmass today known as South America; everything west of the line was under Spanish domain, and the remainder to Portugal. Upon discovery that Spain had lost the majority of the physical “South American” landmass, and the land commonly known as Brazil was under Portuguese jurisdiction, Columbus, through a slow and painful punishment, would later die destitute, and exiled from Spain, along with his sons. 

Praise be to the misguided, ill-mannered honor of such men. 

We should be so grateful.

That in a sadistic turn of events, some professional and amateur genealogists would deduce that the sons of Columbus would still be alive today, walking, breathing, communing, and still walking the land at the cost of the lives of indigenous men and women, sometimes inheriting their blood through the most insidious of means, bearing names like Luyando, Colon, Torres, Alvarado, Ramirez…  We don't ever give it much thought.